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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of digitizing the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. CLICK2BIM specializes in helping individuals and organizations with BIM software. While BIM is much more than software, CLICK2BIM helps streamline BIM and VDC by helping and training individuals and organizations with the software they use in the overall BIM process. Whether you are just getting started with BIM or want to become more efficient, CLICK2BIM is the solution!

Online Training Courses for BIM and Revit

BIM Content Developed by BIM Professionals

CLICK2BIM content is developed by BIM professionals. We are users developing content, not content creators trying to be users. Our goals are to help people, solve problems, and develop solutions. We face the same issues you do, and our purpose is to save you time and reduce the potential headaches created by BIM software!

With BIM mini courses, on demand training videos, Revit® software templates and families, consulting services, and much more, CLICK2BIM is here to help your BIM workflows click!

Why Choose Us For Your BIM Software Training?

With a number of options available, why should you choose CLICK2BIM as your partner in BIM support? First of all, we are all about BIM! We specialize in helping individuals and organizations with BIM software. Whether you are just getting started with BIM or want to become more efficient, we can help. BIM is a major undertaking, so don’t get bogged down by your inability to perform a task in the software you use in your overall BIM process. Turn to trusted professionals that work in BIM programs every day.

With the demand for BIM at an all-time high, and the need to design and build more efficiently, CLICK2BIM is your BIM partner!

Transform Your Business with BIM

BIM does not guarantee success, but it provides many opportunities for success. BIM can help organizations make better decisions, improve collaboration, and save money when used correctly.

Rely on BIM Expertise

Some say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Let us help you and your team take a short cut by relying on our BIM expertise!

Improve Productivity with BIM

The BIM process is all about information, or data. When this data exists in the model, then real productivity gains can be achieved. Coordination, collaboration, automation, prefabrication, and more!

BIM Services

Mini Courses for BIM

Want to learn a new task or workflow? CLICK2BIM mini courses are specific, concise, and effective at quickly showing solutions to common pitfalls.

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BIM On Demand Videos

Finding answers to your questions is the key to being productive in any software program. Access CLICK2BIM on demand videos to quickly find answers!

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Revit Templates

Get your projects started the right way in Revit! CLICK2BIM Revit templates also come with Dynamo scripts to expedite project setup.

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BIM Implementation

Starting from scratch can be a difficult journey without direction. We can help you develop and execute an implementation plan for BIM technologies!

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BIM Content Creation

There’s no such thing as a quality building information model without quality content. We can develop content for your needs, or help you develop a plan for quality content!

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BIM Automation

Need to automate repetitive tasks or extract information from models? Let’s use Dynamo or develop custom tools!

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DfMA with BIM

We can work with you to develop a plan for DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). DfMA is the gateway to prefabrication and streamlining construction!

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BIM Management/Modeling

Need a BIM Manager? Short on time or staff? We can assist by being an extension of your team! Modeling, documentation, maintenance, project setup, you name it!

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BIM Training

When you need someone live to cover a specific topic and answer questions, we can deliver! We provide both in person and virtual training options.

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