Revit Templates for Design Firms and Contractors

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the process of creating and managing information about a building project from planning and design to construction, and into operation. The process involves creating a digital representation, or digital twin, of an asset to manage the data throughout its lifecycle.

Autodesk Revit® software is the premier BIM authoring software used today. Revit is not BIM; however, using Revit is the gateway to BIM for many organizations. In addition to helping people learn Revit, CLICK2BIM offers Revit templates to help organizations with the implementation process. Beginning to use Revit is a major task. Using a CLICK2BIM Revit template will give you a head start in the process.

Revit Templates that Provide a Head Start with BIM

We refer to our Revit templates as “starter templates”. What that means is we provide a great starting point to begin using Revit. This also means that our templates only contain basic family content. In other words, we focus on Revit settings that can help you stay organized, views that are easily customizable, and tags to assist with documentation. This also keeps the file sizes down while reducing overall cost.

This also allows our customers to continue using their existing content or services while still taking advantage of our streamlined templates. We realize that there are many resources today that provide Revit families and CLICK2BIM will help create quality Revit family content which is why we want our templates to be flexible and accommodating to your BIM processes.

CLICK2BIM Revit Template Features

All Revit templates include the following:

Starting View

Three titleblock types available for a starting view. Titleblock reports project information.

View Types

Working view types available for modeling while sheets remain clean with documentation types.


Shared parameter file available with over a thousand parameters to manage design and construction data.

Browser Organization

Multiple browser organization methods to organize and sort views, sheets, and schedules to help you stay organized.

View Templates

Floor plan and reflected ceiling plan view templates available for several disciplines.


Several tag options and orientations available to report the information you need on sheets.

Units and Settings

Precise units for construction layout with appropriate rounding dimensions for readability. Plus, settings for modeling requirements.


CLICK2BIM titleblocks created for several sheet sizes. Use as is or modify to make your own.


Standard keynotes available along with generic annotations that can be used as keynotes.

Dynamo Scripts for Automating Project Setup Tasks

All Revit templates include project setup Dynamo scripts to automate repetitive tasks!

Prepare Models to Link

Prepare a model to link be removing all unnecessary views and sheets. This helps links load faster.

Copy Levels and Scope Boxes

Create levels and scope boxes based on those in a linked model. This helps maintain consistency with the entire team.

Create Working Views

Automatically create discipline-specific working views for selected levels.

Create Views and Sheets

Automatically generate documentation views and place those views on sheets.

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