Revit Families for Parametric BIM Models

CLICK2BIM offers Revit® family creation services to help you develop parametric BIM content. Finding quality Revit families can be challenging for many organizations that are implementing BIM. While there are many online sources with free Revit families, only a few actually perform the way you need them to. If you need high quality Revit content, we can help! We can create Revit families for you, or we can teach you how to create parametric Revit families that make your BIM workflows click!

At CLICK2BIM, we are all about creating parametric Revit families that increase productivity. Revit is a powerful tool, and unfortunately, many do not use it to its full potential.”

- Jason Boehning

Revit Families to Meet Your BIM Needs

There are a variety of methods used to create Revit families, and each organizations has different requirements and methods of their own. For example, design firms tend to require more parameters for calculations whereas contractors need exact dimensions and data for installation. And Architects typically need families that will look great visually whereas general contractors and owners need information for operation and maintenance. Our goal is to assess your specific needs and develop Revit families that fulfill your requirements.

At CLICK2BIM we have seen all kinds of Revit families labeled as quality BIM content. Some look amazing and behave poorly. Some don’t look great but behave amazing. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that meets your BIM needs and deliverables.

Know When to Turn to CLICK2BIM for Revit Family Creation for BIM

• If the Revit family is comprised of imported CAD geometry, it should NOT be used.

• If the Revit family is comprised of multiple geometric forms tied to visibility parameters instead of parametric geometry, it should NOT be used. An example would be 5 geometric forms for 5 sizes of lighting fixtures instead of a single parametric form.

• If the Revit family is over-modeled for its intended use, it should NOT be used. In other words, the geometry is extremely detailed and does not provide value to the model. An example would be nuts and bolts on an air handling unit.

• If the Revit family contains an unnecessary amount of nested families, it should NOT be used.

• If the Revit family contains over 20 formulas, the formulas should be reviewed to make sure they are needed. Revit will have to calculate each formula in each instance in the project.

• If the family seems usable, load it into a blank project and place approximately 20 times the number of instances that will be used in the project. Observe the behavior when opening views, navigating around views, and even tagging and scheduling. If it behaves as desired, it should behave in the project.

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