On Demand BIM Software Video Training Tutorials

Our membership site provides 24/7 on demand access to training videos and guides for commonly used BIM software. If you are learning a BIM program from scratch, you can use the CLICK2BIM membership site like a training course. If you are proficient in a BIM program, you can use the CLICK2BIM membership site as an on-demand help system. All our videos are searchable using the CLICK2SEARCH feature so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Videos can be accessed from a mobile device or desktop computer.

Learning BIM software can be challenging for anyone. For programs like Autodesk Revit®, there are thousands of commands, options, and parameters. For cloud-based programs like Autodesk BIM 360®, there are constant updates to the way the program works. So how do you learn these programs and continue to stay current with all the updates? A CLICK2BIM All Access membership is the answer!!!

In my experience, providing people with answers to their questions is what keeps them engaged and motivated. We seek to provide answers to BIM software questions with our membership site so that people can continue learning or doing their job.”

- Jason Boehning

Customizable BIM Learning Solutions

Use the CLICK2BIM All Access membership site to meet your needs. Learn and upskill in a way that works for you.

BIM Classroom Training Courses

Some of our clients use the membership site like a course in a classroom training environment. This approach is beneficial for beginners that have little to no experience with BIM software. The student can learn at their own pace while pausing, rewinding, and following along with the videos.

On Demand BIM Support

Many people like to have access to BIM support. With BIM programs becoming more and more complex, it’s always great to be able to find the answers to your questions. With the CLICK2BIM All Access membership site, you have access to BIM training and support videos without paying for a BIM consultant.

New BIM Workflows

It is always good to evaluate a workflow and see where you can improve. We have the benefit of creating videos from the standpoint of a BIM consultancy. That means we have worked with several organizations and have optimized BIM workflows for each of them. Let us help you skip straight to the most efficient solutions!

Increase Productivity with BIM Software Training Videos

While you may be proficient in BIM software, such as Revit, there may be techniques that you can use to increase productivity. We love sharing tips and tricks that help people save time. Even though you may understand a tool or workflow, there’s likely additional features you can learn!

On Demand BIM Videos

Access to all CLICK2BIM on demand videos covering features and functionality in the most popular BIM programs: Revit, BIM 360, PlanGrid, and more!

BIM Documentation

When applicable, support images and text are included along with videos to provide quick answers or identify important steps.


CLICK2SEARCH is a search tool that searches through video transcripts. You can search in a single video or all videos to quickly find what you are looking for!

Access Anywhere

Access your membership from anywhere with an internet connection. Watch videos on a mobile device or desktop computer.

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