Hire CLICK2BIM to be an Extension of Your BIM or VDC Department

Implementing BIM typically comes at a high cost. There’s BIM software, there is hardware that can handle BIM software, there is BIM training, and so on. Hiring an experienced BIM Manager can add even more. If you are not ready to hire a full-time employee to be the BIM Manager, CLICK2BIM can help! We work with BIM software all the time, such as Autodesk Revit®, BIM 360®, and so on. We can help you setup your BIM projects and get your team going with BIM modeling tasks. CLICK2BIM can be an extension of your BIM department, or CLICK2BIM can be your BIM department!

Or, if you prefer the term VDC, for virtual design and construction, then CLICK2BIM can be an extension of your VDC department, or CLICK2BIM can be your VDC department! Regardless of what you call it, we can help you create and manage virtual building models for design and construction.

BIM Management Services to Maintain Healthy Revit Models

Many organizations begin modeling in Revit and simply focus on creating a model. They fail to realize that Revit models need to be maintained so that they are healthy. In other words, Revit models need to perform well so that they open quickly, save & synchronize quickly, and do not crash. Having a Revit model crash and losing data is terrible, and unfortunately it happens all the time to BIM and VDC teams. It is critical that organizations manage their BIM data properly.

Revit models need to go through periodic maintenance sequences, such as auditing, addressing warnings, purging unused items, removing unused views, and so on. These tasks are typically handled by a BIM Manager or a BIM lead. Their role is to manage the BIM (building information model in this case). If you need assistance with BIM management tasks, let us know. We work with several organizations to keep their Revit models healthy!

BIM Modeling Assistance to Create Quality Building Information Models

CLICK2BIM can assist your BIM department or be your BIM department! Depending on the size of your organization and the required deliverables, you may need help modeling or documenting a project. We are happy to help you in whatever way we can, whether it is modeling, documentation, coordination, or even just setting up projects in Revit.

Since there are so many acronyms used here, let’s do a quick breakdown:

• AEC: Architecture, Engineering, Construction/Contractors
• AECO: Architecture, Engineering, Construction/Contractors, Owners
• BIM: Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management or Building Information Model
• DfMA: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
• VDC: Virtual Design and Construction

BIM typically stands for building information modeling, so we understand the awkwardness of the term “BIM modeling”. Why would someone say building information modeling? Maybe building information model modeling works?! Believe it or not, this is referred to as RAS syndrome, or redundant acronym syndrome. Other examples are ATM machine and VIN number. So, in an industry filled with acronyms, there’s going to be some RAS syndrome…

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