BIM Implementation with CLICK2BIM

BIM implementation is one of the things we love to do at CLICK2BIM. BIM implementation is very specific to your organization and what you are trying to accomplish. We develop customized solutions to help your organization begin using new BIM software in the overall BIM process. We work hard to create custom-built solutions to meet your goals. Whether your organization employs 5 people or 5000, we will focus on your desired outcomes as we work together to develop a BIM implementation plan.

I essentially got started in the AEC industry with BIM implementation. I was hired by a small firm right out of college, and they asked me to learn Revit and teach the rest of the company. Little did I know at that time that my entire career would be focused on helping people with BIM.”

- Jason Boehning

Get Help Implementing New BIM Software

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is the process of creating and managing information about a building project from planning and design to construction, and into operation. The process involves creating a digital representation, or digital twin, of an asset to manage the information throughout its lifecycle.

There is not a single software program that can accomplish every aspect of the BIM process. For that reason, there are several BIM programs that are used. Autodesk Revit® software is the premier BIM authoring software used today. In other words, Revit is great at creating a digital building information model that contains information about an asset. There are additional Autodesk programs that integrate with Revit. In addition, there are hundreds of third-party add-ins that can be used with Revit. Furthermore, there are typically several organizations involved in a single project. Even when they are all using Revit to model a building, each organization will have specific workflows. Each organization will likely use various Revit add-ins as well.

All of this to say, BIM is not a one-size fits all process or solution. There is not a single playbook that says buy this software program and read this book and it will all work out. The BIM process looks different on the design side than it does on the construction side. It looks different from organization A to organization B. The BIM technology stack that your organization chooses needs to be based on your goals and desired outcomes.

At CLICK2BIM, we work with organizations across the industry, from architects and engineers to general contractors and subcontractors. We even work with some software developers. For these reasons, we can provide value in the BIM implementation process and in developing a BIM implementation plan. Whether you need to implement a major BIM program like Revit, or an add-in, we can help!

Get Help Developing Standards and Workflows for BIM Software

In addition to learning the features and functionality of a new BIM program, it is critical that organizations develop standards and workflows. For example, when it comes to Revit, where are central models going to be saved? How are worksets going to be named? How are views created? How often will maintenance be performed and who will do what?

We create a great deal of content at CLICK2BIM, and one of the things we help with quite often is written BIM standards and procedures. BIM standards and procedures provide teams with boundaries to work within as well as a common direction. Reach out today and let us help you develop BIM standards, procedures, and workflows!

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