Automate BIM Workflows with Dynamo for Revit

A major key to the building information process is information. Creating and managing information about a building project from planning and design to construction, and into operation is what the BIM process is all about. As long as the information exists, then it can be used to drive decisions and workflows.

While Revit® software is an extremely powerful tool, it cannot do everything you want it to do. Autodesk® Dynamo can help fill the gaps. Dynamo is a visual programming tool that installs along with Revit. Dynamo has transformed several Revit workflows since it was released. Dynamo can create geometry, automate repetitive tasks, perform calculations, and much more. If you would like to see if Dynamo can improve your BIM workflows, reach out to us today!

BIM Visual Programming with Dynamo for Revit

You may be wondering – what does Dynamo do? A better question may be what can Dynamo not do? Essentially, Dynamo is a visual programming tool that can create its own geometry with parametric relationships, and it reads from and writes to external databases. Revit is a database of information with parametric geometry, so Dynamo is a perfect fit to interact with Revit. Dynamo communicates with Revit through the Revit API, or application programming interface.

Dynamo is a visual programming tool for Revit users. As with any type of programming, there must be some type of source code or commands. The code then creates a program that will automate a specific task or solve a given problem. In Dynamo, the code is created by placing nodes. Nodes are the building blocks of a Dynamo graph or program.

With other programming languages, the source code is text-based. However, you must understand the specific programming language. You cannot just enter any text. For this reason, it takes time to learn and understand the programming language. With visual programming in Dynamo, the learning curve is not as steep as with other languages. This makes Dynamo great for every Revit user!

Revit Families for Parametric BIM Models

CLICK2BIM offers BIM automation services to help you and your team accomplish tasks that are not possible with native Revit tools. Let us help you save time and money by automating tasks that can be performed by Dynamo!

I can recall times early in my career when I was literally working around the clock. It was typically due to last minute changes while trying to get a project out the door. Inevitably there would be minute tasks that would have to be performed hundreds of times...tag elements, update view names, place views on sheets, input sheet information, and so on. Several years later, I write Dynamo scripts to accomplish these things. And every time I run a script I just smile and think about all the time I just saved myself! It is extremely gratifying helping clients do the same thing. Giving people time back can mean so many things, and we are happy to help do that.”

- Jason Boehning

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